Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Brits

I first started thinking of this inspiration board after reading an article 'Best of the Brits' in Fabulous. This year the Brits Awards is celebrating 30 years and will be screened live on ITV tonight. Based on the most memorable dress worn by Gerri Halliwell, which later sold for a record £41,320 at a charity auction, this board shouts Cool Britannia. Whilst this board is OTT with everything union jack you can take elements of this to introduce accents to your day if you don't want to go all the way.

Photo credits:
Invitations: Not on the High Street
Shoe with heart and cherry necklace:
Vivienne Westwood
White bouquet: Wedding Flowers and reception ideas
Red, white and blue dessert: Craft Gossip.com
Heart cushion: Heart & Parcel
Wedding dress: Hello Magazine
Cuff links: Amazon
Poster: One Poster
Union Jack buntin: Verouge
Mini cakes: Little Venice Cake Company
Clutch bag: Alexander McQueen
Sofa and cushions: Daily Mail
Union Jack chair: Cavania Cards
Geri Halliwell:

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