Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ideas for your first dance #1

There are some couples who have a special song whether it was the one that was playing the first time they kissed, the background music on their first dinner date or the song that was playing during the proposal. What happens if you do not have a special song? Finding a song that accurately reflects how you feel when you have your first dance can be difficult so here are a few of my favourites:

1 From This Moment On - Shania Twain
2 Unbreakable - Westlife
3 When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
4 I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Areosmith

Without a doubt, and because it was my first dance song so has a special place in my heart, my favourite song is Shania Twain 'From This Moment'.

Look out for more ideas for your first dance song soon. Why not tell us what song you've decided on for your first dance....

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