Sunday, 25 July 2010

Afternoon De-Light

I think afternoon tea is a fab 'hen' way to celebrate your impending nuptials but if you're trying to slim down to fit into that dream dress it can sometimes feel like a treat too far. Well, the Metropolitan Hotel has come to your rescue introducing 'Afternoon De-Light' the traditional British afternoon tea with a cool twist.

Offering a tasty selection of 'no-bread' sandwiches which are little pots filled with savoury snacks, sweet and savoury cupcakes and fruit scones made with low-fat creme fraiche, organic jam and olive oil rather than butter.

Available Monday to Saturday 2pm - 4pm and at £25.00 per person this is a definite guilt free treat.


  1. Could you post recipes for those shot glass sandwiches? They're adorable and they look delicious! I'll be in London in May, so I may have to stop by the hotel for tea!

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