Sunday, 11 July 2010

Preston Bailey colour pallet picker

One of the first steps when planning your wedding, and sometimes the most difficult, is deciding on your theme or colour scheme. I recently came across a wonderful tool which I wanted to share with you. The Preston Bailey colour pallet picker is a fun way to come up with a knockout colour scheme in four easy steps to bring the wow factor to your special day.

Step 1 asks you to decide on your main colour, step 2 requests further information about the wedding in terms of how many guests, indoor or outside, the light source and the tone of the event.

Then, before showing you your final colour pallet your asked to choose a Preston Factor. Here is one that I came up with using Magenta as my main colour....

I'm not saying this tool will 100% provide you will all the answers but it will definitely give you the inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing. Why not give it a go.

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