Thursday, 22 April 2010

Beach Calligraphy

Continuing with the sunshine theme, I recently came across a unique photo opportunity which could be incorporated into your wedding especially if you are getting married abroad or having a beach or summer holiday theme.

Andrew van der Merwe is a professional calligrapher who has freelanced in Cape Town for the last 15 years. Having started out using sticks to create an impression in the sand he then started fiddling with different tools and methods to create beautiful beach calligraphy. The artwork, taken on a Nikon D700 camera, can then be supplied for a variety of uses including invitations, thank you cards, or the production of a large canvas print as a gift for the bride and groom or to be displayed on an easel at the wedding and kept as a momento.

Andrew likes to understand a little about the couple in order to personalise the image and ideally needs a weeks notice to take the photo (depending on the weather). Prices start from £100 with two or three image choices per name. If you were looking for a number of images, for example bride and grooms name, a monogram and thank you, the unit price would reduce if they could be shot as a set.

Why not read some testimonials to see what past clients thought of Andrew's work. For more information please contact Andrew direct.

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